September 14

Strother Archery – High End Compound Bows

Strother Archery quickly created more orders than could be filled –and started operations several years past in the center of the economic slowdown. They retrenched and came back with several high-performance bows that garnered plenty of interest in 2011. They achieved this by tweaking the modular hybrid vehicle Badger Cam somewhat to produce a smoother draw cycle while reducing the brace height to a very friendly 73 from a complete 8 inches?8 inches. In once, the 32 inches axle-to-axle of the first Wrath was reduced somewhat to a more compact 303?16 inches.

Strother Archery continues to be operating for five years making the top bows potential to bring to the market. Strother specializes in compound bows and through craftsmanship, technology and testing, they promise to bring the very best bows accessible to you.

Firing the Bow

For such a young business, Strother Archery has developed some the very high-end products. Using its reputation established on its target firing ability, the Moxie has a 330 feet per second rate.

With a regular procedure that is dipping, the finish is totally free. With all the choices of a black finish, a Realtree AP or 3D finish.

Despite the youth of Strother Archery, they’ve been able to produce high standard bows for hunting, target shooting or girls. With both craftsmanship and the technology Strother has managed to create an impressive number of compound bows.

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