September 14

SSDs Are Changing The World

In a lot of manners, Serial ATA SSDs have stagnated lately. Most new drives are just slightly different twists on their forerunners. They fit fabbed on finer manufacture procedures, softly massaged firmware, and have controllers that are similar. And different stickers externally. Cannot forget the stickers. We do not get huge jumps in performance anymore, though. The limited bandwidth of the 6Gbps SATA interface is partial to blame, as are the inefficiencies of the related AHCI protocol. Even with those disabilities, most drives that are decent are already fast enough for the vast majority of desktop computer programs.

 There is one more thing; nevertheless, also it’s a pretty big deal. Crucial mx100 SSDs are getting more affordable. 16GB chips predicated on such a process have been sampling since a year ago, and Micron maintains they have “the biggest variety of bits per square millimeter at the lowest cost of any MLC device in existence.” We’re waiting for details regarding the precise die measurements and how they compare to the last generation.

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